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IKEA Shopping for the new condo


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With a total teardown of the condo and a total remodel, that means we have to totally replace everything.

We drove down from our permanent home in Michigan this weekend to begin the furniture and furnishings shopping.

Our first rentals start coming in mid July. The week before our kids and grandkids will join us for a family vacation. So we have a lot of shopping to do.

On the trip down I-75, we stopped just north of Cincinnati to shop for dishes, flatware and assorted items at the huge IKEA store. We bought place settings for 12, dishes, glasses, flatware, enough stuff to fill up the back storage area of our van.

I got in trouble with Jennifer. Like a lot of guys, I went in the store on point. Bag the deer. I could pick out everything in five minutes flat.

Not so with Jennifer, who meticulously inspected everything. Growing impatient with me, she suggested I go hang out in the cafeteria as she compared and carefully selected just the right colors, patters, etc. "I need a girlfriend right now more than I need you," she said as I happily left to chill out in front of a TV in the cafeteria.

The only thing I picked out were some very cool hotpads, in the shape of red lobster claws.


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