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Construction Update to the Emerald Isle Club

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We've just finished a great week in our unt with our family. We had nine of us in here - two of our three adult children, their spouses and four of our grandkids - and it as great.

I'll have a post in a day or so that shows the inside of our totally remodeled unit. It's simply gorgeous. 

But, since our first guest renters are scheduled to be here towards the 24th of July, I am concerned about the remodeling project for the whole Emerald Isle Club complex. It was originally supposed to be done the end of May. Then the end of June. Then the end of July. Now they are saying the end of August!

About half the complex is done, as far as major construction goes. 

Our section, the "B" building, stilll has a lot of exterior work going on. You can see the completed section in the photo above. To see uor unit look on the left. See the canvas at the top used to protect against pain splatters? That's the seventh floor. Come straight down to the fourth to see out unit. You can see we have plastic over a picture window to keep paint from splattering the glass. We're not sure how long that window will be covered. But t may be a couple weeks yet.

As I write this, one of our two balconies is closed. The second probably will also be closed soon. The balconies need new paint, new railings and new lighting. I'm guessing that will take two or three weeks, based on informal conversations with construction workers from the general contractor. But that is only a guess.

There are other issues. I have written the guests we have coming for the last two weeks of July a detailed description of all that is going on, noting that only one of the three elevators are currently in service and that the exterior of half the building is still a construction zone. To say I am disappoited in these delays is an understatement. But I don't want any of my renters to show up unaware that the whole complex is still far from finished.

Some owners here have rented to folks who have shown up only to be totally surprised by what s going on. That is inexcuseable, in my book. 

I have put together a video that shows what it is like as of July 7 2016. You can see it at https://youtu.be/NdCOzYGUVHQ

I have told my guests that I will refund everything they have paid so far if they want to cancel. If they still want to come, I am offering a discount.

I asked my family what they thought after spending a week here.

Their unanimous optinon was that our unit itself, the pool area and the beach more than made up for the construction that is still going on in the complex.

I'm probably too close to it to judge as I see how nice the completed part looks and I know our section is soon going to be the same. But it does appear that there will indeed still be some construction going on when our first guests arrive. I plan to do more video updates.

I'll also do a video on what our unit looks like later this week. That is all good news as our unit is beautful!


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