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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I reserve this property? What is the method of payment?

We have an online booking calendar on this website. Select your dates and book your home online via a major credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, or Discover credit or debit cards.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

Please contact usas soon as possible if you must cancel or change your reservation. If you cancel your reservation more than 60 days prior to the arrival date, you will receive a refund of all monies paid. If you cancel your reservation within 60 days of the arrival date, you will lose all monies paid unless you have purchased Trip Insurance. (See below information regarding Trip Insurance). You must email us a notice of cancellation.

Q: Do you offer Trip Insurance?

Two types of trip insurance are offered via TravelGuard during the online booking process. Trip insurance is optional, but we highly recommend purchasing it. You can review the specific details during the online booking.

Q: Do you require a damage deposit?

No, we do not require a damage deposit. A non-refundable damage insurance fee is included in the total rental cost. The damage insurance will cover reimbursement for non-intentional damages (see terms during the online booking). You will receive the terms and conditions associated with damage coverage upon making your reservation. Please notify us immediately if any damages occur.

Q: How far is this home to the beach? Is the beach access public or private?

Very close! Our building is right on the beach. A Google map is located on this website and it will show you the exact address and location of the home and you can see it is right on the beach. Take the elevator or stairs from our fourth floor cond (both are a few steps from our door), turn left and walk past the pool directly unto the beach. It is right outside, right in front of our unit. There are no streets to cross, no hot parking lots to navigate. You can hear the waves from the balcony. Beach access is private, only for renters of the Emerald Isle Club.

Q: Do you supply linens?

Yes. Linens for the condo are provided. All bath towels, wash cloths, bed sheets, pillow cases, and kitchen towels, are provided. We do not provide beach towels.  Please DO NOT take our towels to the beach. Bring your own beach towels.

Q: What is the "Cleaning Fee"?

The Cleaning Fee covers non-rental fees associated with preparing the home for a guest stay. This includes cleaning, inspections, inventory management, supply set-up and other tasks associated with preparing the home for guest arrival.

Q: Is WIFI and Cable Television provided?

Yes, free WIFI and Cable TV are provided. The WIFI passwords will be provided via email and are also posted in the home.

Q: Can we check in early, drop-off our luggage OR park in the driveway?

No. Our check-in time is at 4pm CST. Please do not park in the driveway or interrupt the cleaning & inspection staff as they will be preparing multiple condos for guest arrivals. The condo has an electronic lock that will coincide with the check in time. We are on central time, so please plan your trip accordingly. 

Q: Are beach chairs, umbrellas provided? 

Yes! You will have two lougne chairs and an umbrella set up on the beach and waiting for you each morning. You can bring your own additional chairs and put them around those two if you so desire.

Q: Do you supply toilet paper, paper towels, garbage bags and soaps?

We provide a starter set which includes a roll of paper towels in the kitchen, a roll of toilet paper and bar soaps for each bathroom, kitchen trash bags, dishwasher soap and soap pods for the clothes washer. Guests will need to buy additional supplies for the remainder of their stay.

Q: What items do I need to bring?

Hair dryers, beach towels, shampoo, suntan spray/lotion, ice chests, beach gear and toys. Some condiment items may be in the home such as salt/pepper, sugar, spices, and coffee filters, although they are not officially provided.

Q: Do you supply beach towels?

No. Be sure to bring your own beach towels and DO NOT remove any of the bath towels from the home.

Q Is there an outdoor grill?

Yes, there are two outdoor charcoal grills outside on the picnic deck by the beachfront swimming pool.. 

Q: What small kitchen appliances and cooking utensils are provided?

We have all of the standard items that you would typically find in a kitchen for preparing family meals (pots, pans, knives, etc.) including a toaster, microwave, coffee pot and blender. 

Q: Where do we pick-up the keys or obtain property access information?

We have  an electronic lock so there is no key pick-up. The access codes will be sent via email 1 week prior to your arrival. Driving directions will also be sent at this time.

Q: What's the beach like there?

A: It is soft, white powdery sand. The softest you've ever sunk your toes in. Each night, it is raked and cleaned. And it goes forever. You can walk for miles. No building on Okaloosa Island is allowed to be more than seven stories high, so you don't get that concrete jungle feeling that characterizes many Florida beaches. There are shorebirds skittering in the sand. Porpoises cavort just off shore daily. You'll be there just a few minutes and understand why the beaches of the Emerald Coast are considered among the very best in the world. The powdered-sugar, brilliant white sand squeaks as one walks across it. The sand is actually made up of very fine pieces of highly-polished quartz. These eroded quartz particles originated in the Southern Appalachian Mountains, tumbling down mountain streams into the gulf. Since the ocean journey to the gulf was longer than to the Atlantic Coast, the sand is much finer than that found on the eastern seaboard. The long physical journey and the journey of time (about 350 million years) has broken down, bleached, and polished the bits of quartz one sees today.

Q: Why is the area called the Emerald Coast?

A: The Emerald Coast is the unofficial name for the northwest coast of Florida from Panama City Beach on the east to Pensacola Beach on the west. It get's its name from the distinctive, emerald or greenish shades of the Gulf of Mexico caused by light reflecting off the micro-algae of the Gulf of Mexico that gives it a lovely green tint, similar to the colors of the Caribbean Sea far to the south. The water's clarity results from the fact that no large sediment-bearing rivers flow directly into the area's gulf waters. This is some of the cleanest, clearest salt water you will find anywhere.

Q: What's the atmosphere like there? We're seriously hoping to de-stress and mellow out and not worry about rowdy beachgoers.

A:You're thinking of Panama. Not on Okaloosa Island. None of the units are rented to people under 25. Okaloosa Island is known for its family friendly atmosphere and laid-back lifestyle. About the only noise you'll here are the birds and the waves.

Q: You said you have remodeled and updated the unit. Is it really new?

A:Yup. We gutted it right down to the bare floors and ceiling and then installed new drywall, flooring, baths, cabinets, granite countertops. We installed brand new hot water heaters and air conditioning. All the furniture, appliances , linens, pots, pans, utensils and bath towels are new, too. This is a rental, but it is also our home. We use it for family vacations and spend as much time as we can there. We didn't skimp on anything. See our blog (click the link above) to follow the renovation from start to finish.

Q: What can you tell us about the Emerald Isle Club complex itself?

A: The Emerald Isle Club has some 70 units. So it's not a mega development with lots of traffic and congestion. Beside the pool (seasonally heated) and deck, there is also a well maintained tennis court for guests to use. The complex itself underwent a major, near-$5 million renovation project in 2016, including new paint, new balcony/terrace floorings, new windows and doorwalls in each unit, elevator improvements and electrical and plumbing updates. It is one of the most sought after and well regarded condominium complexes on Okaloosa Island.

Q: Will I need a car? Is there parking?

A: There is a small convenience store a quarter mile north on Santa Rosa Boulevard that is walking distance but the closest restaurants, shopping, drug stores and supermarkets are about a mile or two away. Destin is a ten minute drive and has world-class dining and shopping.There is a marked parking spot for your vehicle (402) out front along the side of the building. There are also open spots in the parking lot at the west end of the building.

Q: When is high season and low season?

A:We think EVERY season is awesome but along the Emerald Coast, "high" season is considered to be summer. Folks from the southern part of Florida and all along the southern states "escape" here to avoid the stifling heat and humidity of the rest of the region. On Okaloosa Island, there is always a gentle breeze that makes it much more comfortable in the summer than other places. Fall is spectacular. Winter can have quite cool nights but often surprisingly comfortable daytime temps. Spring starts in early March. One of the reasons Jennifer and I like it so much is because there are seasonal differences. There's no snow, of course, and we swear the sun shines down here more than anyplace we've been.

Q: Do you have monthly rates in the winter?

A: Contact us. We'll talk. Depends on when and for how long.